Hygiene Products

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Sweet Flip cover rubbish bin Ready Stock ֻ Sweet Flip cover rubbish bin Ready Stockֻ

Ready Stock Portable Oksigen inhaler Oxygen Inhaler Tank 99.5

Organic Disinfectant & Sterilant Surface Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer Kill Germs 500ML

OUT OF STOCK IMEC 585SC Spray Clean Toilet Seat Sanitizer, 5L

IMEC 525MS Medic Liquid Hand Soap

JRT Jumbo Tissue Roll Paper- 2 PLY

IMEC KJ Pulp C 2 Ply Pure Pulp Jumbo Tissue Roll

Wall Mounted Mop Holder Hanger 5Hook Kitchen Organizer

IMEC A Floor Sign

IMEC AS24 Floor Sign

IMEC JT Compact 50

IMEC JT COMPACT 40 Janitor Cart c/w Bag, Twin Bucket & Down Press Wringer

IMEC JT COMPACT 9 Janitor Cart with Key Lock System

IMEC MX303 Multi Functional Janitor Trolley with 4 Side Enclosed

IMEC JT Compact 11 Fully Enclosed Janitor Trolley

IMEC JT2000 Janitor Cart c/w Bag

iMEC HK1515 Housekeeping Cart / Maid Trolley

IMEC Clip Reacher, Litter Picker / Garbage Pick Up Tool C 40cm/70cm/100cm

IMEC Various Stainless Steel Dustbin / Rubbish Bin

IMEC GMT Two Wheel Mobile Dustbin / Rubbish Bin

IMEC Dustbin / Rubbish Bin for Hotel Room/Bedroom/Office

IMEC Cigarette Bin / Ashtray Bin / Disposal Bin

IMEC Synthetic Dust Control Mop (60cm/80cm)

1 - 24 of 42

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